Proposal for Joint Project


The main rationale of this project is to help children from different cultures, countries and communities to gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences between two areas within Western Europe. On the one hand, we have a small rural school in the far south west of England, which is typical of many schools around it and in that region. On the other hand, we have a school in a modern city in Germany that has a fantastic transport system and a vibrant economy.

However, this comment is based on a fairly superficial knowledge of one of the locations and we hope that this joint project can help to provide a deeper understanding of the two schools and the communities they serve. We propose a study that will gather information from both schools to improve each other's knowledge and comprehension of their new friends. We would like to examine many aspects of the two schools and their history, development and the changes that have occurred. For instance, Lew Trenchard Primary School was built in 1842 and must have seen many changes. There are people in the village who have seen 3 or 4 generations go to the school.


It is suggested that possible topics could be as follows: 

  • The history of the schools and the areas that they are in.
  • Life styles of the people involved with the school.
  • Where were the children born? How many are local; how many have moved into the area; how many come from traditionally local families.
  • What are the main types of employment in the region? What do the parents do at work?
  • Location of each school - region, urban/rural, nearest cities, type of countryside - beaches/mountains/rivers/coastline.
  • Hobbies and sports of the children.
  • Art and music from the schools.
  • Local customs and festivals including churches.
  • How do children travel to school - car, bike, train, bus, walk.


Hopefully we could develop email and pen pal links to increase the flow of information. Do you have video conferencing?

Tim Woodward

6th September 2010


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